How to fix brittle nails

You might think that brittle, easily breakable nails only happen to old people. However, medical research shows that your nails can crumble at any age. It all depends on your nutrition and the cosmetic products that you use. A careless approach to your hygiene can also be the cause of the depreciation of your nails, which may be caused by viral infections like onychomycosis.

Fortunately, you can find highly efficient brittle nails treatment – natural remedies for nail fungus and other infections that cause nail discoloration and breakage. Read on to find out how to prevent your nails from crumbling and falling off!

Fix brittle nails

5 Reasons why you have brittle nails

The first signs that something is wrong with your health to appear on your nails, hair, and skin. If you see their condition decay, you must take immediate action. Here are five common reasons why your nails become fragile:

  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Cheap soaps and skin care creams
  • Viral infections
  • Chemical treatments for onychomycosis
  • Unsanitary environment

Other factors may inflict upon the health of your nails, with thyroid disease and internal ailments among them. Nevertheless, these are the five leading causes for brittle nails. Let’s take them one by one and identify the exact reason for the decay of your healthy nails.

How to address vitamin deficiency

Vitamin Deficiency can cause brittle nails

A poor nutritional plan has a direct negative impact on your health. You will first notice it when your nails lose natural color and start to break easily. While adding more fresh produce to your diet may prove to be a reliable short-term measure, using a treatment for brittle nails that is rich in vitamins and minerals will improve the health of your nails in the long term.

Your best choice is to use ZetaClear on a daily basis. This organically-sourced remedy contains significant doses of vitamin E and nutritious herbal extracts that are essential for the steady growth of strong nails.

Why you should ditch cheap soaps

Economic cosmetic products might save you a few extra bucks at the drugstore, but your health will have to suffer from it. Clinical studies have proven how cheap soaps lack all the potential nutrients that your skin and nails need to keep their glowing health.

Reduce the use of cheap cosmetic lotions and skincare products to a minimum. Also, add ZetaClear to your daily grooming routine to ensure that your nails don’t become brittle and shatterable.

How to prevent viral infections in your nails

Prevent viral infections in nails

Shower floors and gym carpets are the leading producers of viral infections like nail fungus or onychomycosis. These medical conditions affect the health of your health, making them crumbly and discolored. Avoid going barefoot in these environments to prevent fungi from sticking to your nails.

Use the best treatment for onychomycosis

Nail fungus may affect your health for months in a row if you use the wrong remedies to treat it. The best cure for onychomycosis on the market is ZetaClear. This natural solution restores the original color of your nails. It also makes them harder to break and protects them against future viral infections.

Clean up your environment

To keep your nails safe you must ensure that both your working and your living environments are clean. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule to prevent your nails from becoming brittle and discolored.

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