How to cure brittle nails at home

Cure brittle nails at home

Brittle nails don’t go away overnight. The decay of your hands’ most precious garments takes weeks and even months before completion. It all starts with a gradual discoloration and continues with an increased fragility that leads to eventual breakage.

The good news is that you can stop the entire process and fix brittle nails without even leaving your bedroom. Read on to find out five effective ways to cure brittle nails at home:

Apply ZetaClear every single day

One of the primary causes for having brittle nails is onychomycosis. This medical condition is triggered by a fungal infection that affects the nails and the skin surrounding them. Without proper treatment, you can lose your weak nails to fungus in just a few months.

Fortunately, you can safely cure onychomycosis at home by applying ZetaClear on a daily basis. This highly effective cure for nail fungus restores the natural condition of your nails in less than six weeks. The unique formula of potent nutrients restores the solidity and bright color of your nails while getting rid of the infection at the same time. Furthermore, this remedy is an over-the-counter medicine that you can purchase without a doctor’s prescription and use in the privacy of your home without disclosing your condition to anyone.

Embrace a healthy nutritional plan

Not all home remedies for fragile nails imply a topical solution. You can cure brittle nails of the inside, too. All you need is to adapt your diet to the necessities of your body and increase the number of nutrients you consume every day. Try adding more fruits, vegetables and biotin-rich foods to your daily meals. Eggs, avocado, and whole grains are just a few of the best ingredients for the health of your nails.

Additionally, add a nail hardener, like ZetaClear, to your daily supplement intake. This natural remedy for brittle nails contains a wide variety of organic acids and nutrients that are essential for the proper growth of your hair and nails. Use it regularly, and you will cure fragile, crumbly nails at home with minimum effort.

Take olive oil baths to strengthen your nails

A safe and practical way to treat deprecated nails at home is to soak them in olive oil baths. This practice requires weekly repetitions and involves 50-100 ml of olive oil every time. It might sound weird to use olive oil for anything else than cooking, but this treatment will reduce the dryness of your nails while enhancing their glow at the same time.

Protect your nails with gloves

If the decay of your nails has already reached an advanced stage, you have to take extra measures to cure them. A reliable method is to wear gloves when you are at home. You can perform your daily chores by wearing cotton or plastic gloves to increase the protection of your brittle nails.

Don’t overstress your nails

Last but not least, the easiest way to cure brittle nails at home is to stop overstressing them. A medical study shows that intense cleaning, clipping and overusing can damage your fingernails. Avoid using them for too long, and replace common actions with the use of pliers. Also, you should avoid damaging habits like biting, sucking or skin scratching.

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