How to make brittle nails grow

Having weak, discolored nails is not an easy condition to live with for too long. Many people struggle with this situation, and women especially are on a continuous lookout for practical ways to fix brittle nails.

Make brittle nails grow

Fortunately, there are safe and comfortable ways to make brittle nails grow without using false extensions or risking your overall health. Read on to find out six natural methods to enhance the length of your nails:

Use ZetaClear to regain nail health

The no.1 danger for the health of your nails is onychomycosis. This medical condition destroys the durability and the natural color of your nails through fungi and viral attacks. You can quickly get it from dirty environments and if you live in unsanitary conditions.

The good news is that you can treat onychomycosis with ZetaClear – the best cure for fungal infections on the market. Its composition of high-quality herbal extracts and organic acids stops the disease from spreading and restores the natural health of your nails in just a matter of days.

Change your diet

An excellent way to increase the length and durability of your nails and avoid frangible, weak nails, is to adopt a healthy diet. Include more fresh vegetables and fruit in your nutritional plan to enhance the number of vitamins and nutrients that your body absorbs.

Sleep more

Your nails can also turn brittle and discolored if you do not get enough sleep. A good night’s rest is responsible for the full regeneration of your cells, including the ones in your nails. Try to keep a regular sleep-wake cycle to ensure that your body’s natural functions restore properly. In the long-term, this habit will guarantee the healthy growth of your nails.

Use high-quality cosmetics

You might change your diet and get some good quality slumber every night, but even these healthy practices will fail to keep your nails safe from discoloration if you use cheap cosmetics. The difference between economic soaps and pricey skincare products is in the number of nutrients that they provide. Usually, picking the more expensive hand cream or lotion will considerably improve the chances of having strong, shiny nails.

However, if you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars every month just to maintain healthy nails, you can safely invest in ZetaClear. This natural remedy for nail decay will fuel your body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals that will make your nails grow fast and strong.

Avoid dirty floors

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has several recommendations for fingernail health. To ensure the natural growth of your nails, you need to protect them from viral infections. Gym floors and dirty carpets are full of fungi that can affect the health of your nails by stopping their growth and making them easy to break. Your best choice is to keep away from these environments, or at least to wear suitable gear that keeps your feet and hands protected.

Use clean gloves

Nail growth takes time, especially when you suffer from vitamin deficiency or when your working environment is not very clean. However, you can safely combat this situation by wearing gloves on a daily basis. These simple pieces of cloth protect your nails against breakage and discoloration throughout the first stages of nail development.

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